Cannabis Professionals use Cannametrics to bring quality products to market

We help cannabis retailers and producers optimize their sales with critical business intelligence.

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Product Profiles

Easily discover the right products

Get cannabinoid and terpene levels, product descriptions, product photos, form factor, variations, regional availability and more!

Producer Dashboard

See conversions and live engagement in one place

Target the right customers for in-store engagement and synchronize product knowledge across your team

Retailer Dashboard

All the analytics you need with real time data

All this comes configured out of the box, there is no set up time. The system syncs with your inventory and provides insights from day 1

What we do

We are a community that connects retailers and producers to provide competitive insights to both

Join the movement and discover what makes it one-of-a-kind.


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How we can help you

Make data-driven decisions

Easy data sharing

Seamlessly access or provide the product data that retailers need.

Batch-level data

Facilitate confident transactions with accurate product data.

Save time & money

Automated product data sharing saves staff time and improves accuracy.

10m+ Impressions

1000+ Retailers

Why Cannametrics?

We connect Producers and Retailers using transparency as our model

For Producers
  • Engaging, useful marketing that converts by expanding awareness of your products to a wide range of retailers.

  • Give retailers everything they need to make a confident purchase by efficiently sharing product information and digital assets.

  • Unprecedented business intelligence providing key insights for sales and marketing teams.

For Retailers
  • Make quick decisions on the fly & budget effectively to drive the topline. Get notifications on your favourite products, including price changes.

  • Support procurement decision making & optimize product mix with performance analytics derived from your store.

  • Automatically receive algorithmically matched products and product performance insights.

Our Customers


“Last Spring, we added terpene details to our flower labels. Our new flower lookup tool powered by Cannametrics provides even more information for flower enthusiasts, extended terpene, cannabinoid, and harvest details. Our certified organic growing process is environmentally responsible and also yields great quality - and we are happy to share the exact details of that quality with retailers and customers from lot to lot.”

Tyler Shannon, Marketing Manager,
The Green Organic Dutchman

“In terms of our purchasing decisions, having the batch level THC and all the other metrics is really important. I really appreciate the producers that have signed on, they are truly doing everything they can to provide accurate product data. I love where this platform is going and it would be great to see more producers, especially the larger ones, listing their products here so we can have easy access to data that influences our purchasing decisions.”

Joey Dargan, Purchasing Coordinator,
Spiritleaf Inc.

“At The Green Bouquet, we use the Cannametrics platform daily. We love getting in-depth knowledge about the products and flowers before we purchase them from the OCS. We find this platform helps us make informed decisions about restocking and sidestepping when needed, by choosing comparable products when items are not available on the OCS.”

Heather Huff-Bogart, Owner
The Green Bouquet

“Rasta Lady Cannabis Shop has found Cannametrics to be a very helpful tool for our store. The simple layout makes the site easy to navigate while offering a ton of information on the products available in your province. Cannametrics has helped us with ordering as it lets us know how much product we have left in stock and how many days it will last. I find it super helpful to get information on batches so I know what I’m going to be getting when placing an order. Cannametrics has helped us a lot and we are very thankful to have Cannametrics on our team.”

Kat Lamoureux, Manager
Rasta Lady Cannabis Shop

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