How can you know what the effects of cannabis will be?

With so many options and so much noise out there it can seem almost impossible to know where to start. Thousands of strains and products, misleading and inconsistent information, and a lack of understanding of how complex cannabis is means that everything we thought we knew is up in the air.

For new users, it’s choice overload. For anyone with experience, its money wasted buying products you don’t like. Finding what you like through trial and error is an expensive and frustrating guessing game. Online reviews unfortunately, aren’t that helpful either because of the simple fact that everyone reacts differently.

That’s where Cannametrics begins.

We let you quickly dial in to the kind of products that will best match your ideal experience. All it takes is to try a few strains and log them with our experience signature app. From there, we’ve got your foundation started and can begin to align you with more products that you are likely to enjoy. The more you log, the better our understanding of what you like and what you’re going to like.

By teaming up with us, you can help us tackle some of the most exciting cannabis science to date. You contribute your experiences and we give you the tools that make it easy to find even better cannabis.

What do you say? Why not take a toke for science and be one of our beta testers.

Who we are:

As cannabis loving scientists, doing real science with cannabis is our thing. Our goal is to understand this incredible plant and give people the insight they need to have amazing experiences.

We wanted to create the first collaborative, crowd-sourced science project that will classify the effects of cannabis strains and products. We do this in a way that celebrates the fact that you are unique.