Built on insight, driven by passion

The Cannametrics team is continually pushing the boundaries of innovation in the Canadian cannabis space

We’re cannabis scientists and business professionals empowering the cannabis industry with critical data.

We’ve watched the industry struggle for too long with inadequate and hard to access information. Producers deserve to be recognized for the quality of their products and retailers have the right to know what they are buying, before they place an order.

We’ve listened to the problems facing today’s producers and retailers and built a solution that provides easy access to the information cannabis professionals need to make informed business decisions.

Our Story

How Cannametrics was born

Proudly grown in BC

Way back in 2017, in a little cabin on a small island off the coast of BC, Gina and Eric had a vision of applying their passion for science to a newly forming cannabis industry.

Together they envisioned a world where cannabis was brought out of the darkness imposed by prohibition and into the light of evidence-based, empirical study.


Driven by the excitement of how much there is to learn and the impact they could have on the lives of thousands, eventually millions, of people, they created Cannametrics as a research company that would do things differently.

Our Values

What we believe in


People should be able to know what they are putting in their bodies.

Cannabis is medicine

Whether you see it as medicine for illness or an catalyst for connection and awe, cannabis has tremendous potential for good in this world.


To make informed decisions, you deserve more than just opinions. We believe it’s important to stick to the facts and provide our sources.

Meet the Team

The dream team

👍 : The forest & adventures with my kids

👎 : Manufactured complexity

🍽 : Indian, Thai

Eric Jacobsen

Co-Founder, CEO

👍 : Dancing & Gardening

👎 : Pandemics

🍽 : Thai food

Gina Conte, PhD

Co-Founder, COO, CFO

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