Product Overview for Producers

Differentiate your brand and products
Save time and money in supporting new and existing customers
Provide a foundation of trust to the relationships that drive your business

Producer Features & Benefits

Producer ConnectTM provides a single software solution that lets you market to your retail customers and support them.

Showcase your products and foster brand loyalty

  • Get your products discovered through multiple channels and impactful marketing opportunities
  • Differentiate your products and your brand
  • Get your digital marketing assets and messaging in front of retailers
  • Evaluate your ROI with engagement metrics

Alert retailers to new and upcoming products and batches

  • New products and batches are automatically featured
  • Retailers can search and filter for new products and new batches by specific criteria, giving your products’ unique qualities an opportunity to stand out

Give retailers everything they need to make a confident purchase

  • Efficiently share batch-level cannabinoid and terpene data using our drag-and-drop CoA reader
  • Share product description, photos, form factor, variations, regional availability and more
  • Save time, reduce costs and increase trust by making your product data instantly available

Keep in touch with your customers

  • Cultivate and maintain the relationships that drive your business
  • Direct messaging through the platform
  • Get direct product feedback from retailers

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