Product Overview for Retailers

Know exactly what you’re buying, before you order
Keep on top of new product offerings as soon as they are listed
Populate your in-store systems with accurate, up-to-date product data

Retailer Features & Benefits

Producer ConnectTM was designed to increase retail profits by supporting your purchasing decisions with comprehensive data so you can buy with confidence, eliminate dead stock, and connect customers with the products they are looking for.

Comprehensive, accurate, batch-level product data

  • Cannabinoid and terpene levels for every batch, product descriptions, product photos, form factor, variations, regional availability and more
  • Export product data for your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and/or Point of Sale (POS) systems
  • Standardize product knowledge across your budtenders and provide accurate up-to-date information to your customers
  • Save staff time and reduce errors in your product data

Discover products

  • Never miss new product or batch releases
  • Directly compare available products
  • Search and filter for the products your customers want

Optimize your inventory

  • Understand the products on the market at the batch-level so you can make highly-informed buying decisions
  • Organize products and make lists e.g. “Current Inventory” and “Products of Interest”
  • Prevent dead stock by identifying products with specific traits your customers will love

Keep in touch with your suppliers

  • Cultivate and maintain the relationships that drive your business
  • Direct messaging through the platform
  • Provide feedback directly to suppliers about product quality, availability, specific product requests, etc

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