The science behind Cannametrics

Cannametrics is providing medicinal, recreational and wellness consumers with science-based tools to help them meet their cannabis use goals. Whether someone’s goals are to help with pain or sleep, connect to a sense of wonder and awe or just have fun with their friends, we are providing them with the information they need to make evidence-based decisions.

Cannametrics is a science project that is using crowd-sourced, quantitative data to answer the biggest questions in cannabis.

Right now, the biggest question in cannabis is: What does this strain or product do? From a scientific perspective, the answer, presently, is that no-one really knows. In North America, there are something like 65,000 cannabis products on the market, all with differing effects.

People often point to the chemical components of a cannabis strain to attempt to explain its effects. THC, CBD and a wide range of other cannabinoids and terpenes account for cannabis’ effects on the human body. However, we are in the early stages of discovering what many of these chemicals do. Adding to the complexity is the fact that these chemical components are known to interact in a process called the “entourage effect”, changing their effects. Making things even more complicated is the fact that people respond differently to the same products. The result of all this complexity is that it will take decades of research to understand the effects of cannabis products and why they vary between people when studied from a bio-chemical perspective alone.

The Cannametrics study does things differently, by focusing on the experience that people have with strains and products and discovering the factors that explain and predict it. After all, the experience that people have with Cannabis is what actually matters to them.

The science of experience

To address the question of what a given cannabis product will do for a given person, we are teaming up with some of the country’s top researchers to run the most complex research project ever conducted on cannabis in a way that has never been possible before. Using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence machine learning, we are building cannabis response models that we believe will revolutionize the scientific understanding of cannabis. All-in-all we are running many millions of computer models simultaneously to account for the vast variation of products in the marketplace and their variability between people. Think of it as the equivalent of 10 PhDs worth of research happening at once, with the help of some very powerful computers.

Research that will change the way we understand cannabis

We believe the implications of developing these human-cannabis response models will be enormous. We will be able to leap-frog decades of bio-chemical research to provide the answers that doctors, scientists, educators, patients and every mindful cannabis user is looking for right now. These models will support medical research, helping doctors track the results of their patient’s usage and finding the right cannabinoid-derived medications for them. They will support wellness users in discovering and testing products to meet their specific goals and avoiding the side-effects they are concerned about. Cannametrics will support recreational users in finding the ultimate cannabis experiences that enrich their lives though by meeting personal goals such as increasing inspiration, connection and relaxation. We will also deliver critical feedback between cannabis consumers and the industry, allowing retailers and producers to respond to what people actually want and need, improving outcomes for everyone.

Join our team of citizen scientists in the most powerful cannabis study every conducted

All cannabis users can be involved in Cannametrics research whether they are using THC or CBD focused products, no matter what their goals may be. We are conducting two levels of research, looking at the global population of cannabis users as well as specific populations. Research looking at specific research populations is being done in partnerships with universities looking into specific topics including: validating that cannabis can help people break life-threatening opioid and crack-cocaine addictions, cataloging the efficacy of products for medical users with different conditions, exploring the pharmacogenetic variation in cannabis response and examining the variation in the treatment of symptoms for suffers of chronic pain.

We see everyone who uses the app as part of a community of citizen scientists, working toward the goal of understanding how cannabis works. Along with being part of cutting-edge research, each user has their own goals for using cannabis and Cannametrics has been designed to help them meet these goals and have the best cannabis experiences possible. As users contribute to the dataset, they will learn more about themselves and how they respond. The more they contribute, the more they will get out of Cannametrics through personalised response predictions and tailored insights derived from the most powerful research program ever conducted on cannabis

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